Intuition Achieve

Curating and tailoring content to different audiences is one of the most effective ways of driving the usage of any eLearning product. We want to share our experience in working with all sorts of organizations in the financial markets space with our clients. You can use this knowledge to onboard employees more effectively and guide them in their learning journey, yielding the best results for your learners and return on investment in the Know-How library.

The below sheet maps all content in the library relevant for the main audiences and organizations in our client base. The content is conveniently categorized as introductory, intermediate and advanced titles. This document is a great starting point to create your own custom learning pathways for onboarding, graduate programs, specific roles in investment banking, commercial banks, asset managers, private banks, retail banking and more.

Know-How Role Mapping (v69)

Our library categorized by organization and role to help you in creating learning pathways for employees in different teams and roles.

We are working with experts to create role, skills and career pathways to equip learners to achieve the skills and knowledge they need in their current and future roles. These pathways will be readily available to learners accessing our new KHX platform, and will be made available to all of our clients to offer to their employees. Stay tuned for further updates coming soon.

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