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Intuition’s LMS – Intuition Rubicon NX

Intuition Rubicon NX is a mobile-first, cloud-based solution, perfect for organizations looking to rapidly deploy content in a cost-effective manner to a global audience. Whether operating as a standalone solution or integrated with enterprise-level systems, you can use the Intuition Rubicon NX LMS to rapidly deploy, securely deliver and seamlessly track a wide range of content types across multiple devices.

Intuition Rubicon NX offers many key benefits for your organization:

  • Distribute, track, manage and report from a single location.
  • Analyze performance by department or division.
  • Identify knowledge gaps by specific job role or function.
  • Prescribe learning to rapidly fill knowledge gaps.
  • Measure performance improvement over time.

Getting Started with Know-How on Intuition NX

  • Identify relevant learning.

    Browse our interactive brochure and identify relevant learning for different teams and departments.

  • Assign learning and create learning pathways.

    • You can assign individual tutorials or courses to users and groups, making them mandatory and adding a deadline.
    • Create and assign custom learning pathways to groups of users with the Custom Course feature.

    More info on the Admin Guide and How-To videos below (see Creating custom learning pathways and Assigning learning to a group).

  • Monitor and report on the learning.

    • Individual and group usage.
    • Completion and non-completion of assignments.
    • Top users and top learning items.

    More info on the Admin Guide.

  • Learning Insights and updates.

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Downloadable Resources
User Guide

Editable user guide you can share with learners to help them get started

Admin Guide

The main tasks you need to know as an administrator to manage your account

Optimize Know-How

An overview of Know-How applications and how to get the most out of your Know-How subscription using our LMS

Welcome Email

An email template that can be sent out to the new users

Admin Guide Videos

These short clips will visually show you how to perform the most common administrator tasks.

Setting up a Group

Segment users to easily identify categories and assign content, for example by department or job role.

Adding an Individual User

Create an individual user account and assign them to a group.

Bulk Add

Upload multiple users (up to 1000) at once to the site. The next video explains how to fill out the template.

Bulk Add Spreadsheet

Populate the bulk add template spreadsheet and upload to the site.

Creating Custom Learning Pathways

Create tailored pathways for different audiences by selecting content from the library.

Assigning Learning to a Group

Assign pre-existing courses or your own custom learning pathways to a group of users.

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