Know-How Promotion

Know-How Promotion

This section includes a variety of Resources you can use to promote Know-How within your organization. Promoting Know-How to L&D, Head of Departments, Managers, Learners will increase awareness of Know-How as a learning resource available and drive the usage of the content. Ultimately, what you want is for people to understand why it’s important to study Know-How. Whether they need new skills and knowledge to progress in their role, or to meet some regulatory requirements, these Resources will give you an overview of how to best position and promote Know-how and the tools to do it.

Below you will find branding assets, promotional materials in video and PDF format and strategy suggestions for promoting Know-How.

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Downloadable Promotion Resources

Promotion Strategy Plan

Strategies for promoting and positioning Know-How in your organization

Learning Paths Infographic

A template infographic for promoting curated learning pathways

Know-How Statistics Infographic

Promotional one-pager infographic on Know-How statistics

download video
Know-How Intro Video

Download the Know-How promotional video here

Promotion by Course and Topic

Latest and upcoming content in our newest and most popular courses.

Transaction Banking
Foreign Exchange
Excel Interactive
Corporate Services

Downloadable Know-How Banners

Downloadable Know-How Logos

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