Maximizing Your Know-How Experience

Maximizing your Know-How Experience

Intuition Know-How is the premier digital learning solution for the financial markets. Know-How is used by the world’s leading banks, asset managers, regulators, rating agencies, and accounting firms. It is used by over 1.5m professionals worldwide in over 150 countries.
In this section, you will find Resources on how to optimize your subscription and make the most of Know-How. We have over 35 years of experience helping clients just like you roll out online financial training to different audiences with multiple requirements.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to optimize your Know-How subscription based on your specific requirements, get in touch at to schedule a meeting with Intuition’s Client Success Team.

Downloadable Resources

Creating an Impact with Learning Programs

A detailed piece on how to get the most out of your Know-How subscription

Maintaining Momentum for Learning Programs

Browse the latest insights on how to boost the engagement for learning programs

Case Studies

Corporate training like any other type of training will be more successful if it is tied to a clear objective. The Know-How library can be used to support or supplement your learning programs and objectives. The case studies below showcase some of the most popular practical applications of Know-How.

Risk & Compliance Training

Benchmarking knowledge and competence to meet MiFID II requirements

Onboarding & Graduate Training

Filling experience and knowledge gaps of graduate recruits globally

Client Education for Asset Managers

Upskill and provided added value to your clients with a client academy

HIPO Blended Learning Program

Creating the leaders of tomorrow through a combination of learning practices

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